We survey & test for asbestos across New Zealand.

Asbestos Risk Management

We will help you to provide a safe environment for your family or staff to live and work and ensure you meet your legal obligations as a building owner.

Just when you thought invisible asbestos fibres were the biggest problem you had, along comes a virus that is causing major disruption around the world.

At ARML we are used to working in a confined bubble and dealing with a contaminant that you can’t really see that can damage your lungs. Unfortunately just like asbestos ignoring this problem won’t make it go away. You need to follow the advice and procedures that the government has put in place to keep not just you but everyone safe so we can all get through this.

All of our ARML staff are in home isolation as it is the safest course of action at this time, the more we can keep ourselves isolated the faster we will get through these challenging times. Keep your distance from anyone outside your bubble and stay safe.

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Asbestos Risk Management Expertly Handles all Types of Asbestos Testing and Surveys

If you are renovating your home, own a commercial building built prior to 2000 or have concerns there may be asbestos present in your building or workplace we can help you determine the next steps to take to identify asbestos.

Safety and Experience

Our experienced staff pride themselves on being approachable and easy to deal with. You can also be sure of a cost-effective quote for our work and the utmost discretion at all times when visiting your site.

You can be confident that our professional team will thoroughly and expertly identify, assess and help you to manage any asbestos at your commercial, industrial or residential property.


Asbestos Services

Our professional team at Asbestos Risk Management have the knowledge and experience to carry out a range of asbestos testing, inspections, surveys and handling all aspects of asbestos risk management to ensure your property complies with current asbestos regulations.

Asbestos Inspection Reports


Asbestos Management Surveys and Development of Asbestos Management Plans


Asbestos Demolition and Refurbishment Surveys


Follow up Inspections to Update Management Plans


Asbestos Analysis Through Accredited Laboratories



We are experienced in all types of asbestos surveys. Whatever your requirements, from an Asbestos Management Survey to a Refurbishment or Demolition Survey, we can identify and test asbestos in your workplace and provide an Asbestos Management Plan should asbestos be present.


If you are renovating your home or knocking it down and starting again, Asbestos Risk Management can help with honest, affordable Asbestos Refurbishment and Asbestos Demolition Surveys for your peace of mind.

Asbestos Legislation

Unsure of your obligations under the new laws? Asbestos Risk Management are the experts in asbestos regulations and compliance. Find out more below or get in touch with us for a confidential consultation.


An asbestos survey is an assessment of a building that provides accurate information about the location, amount and condition of any asbestos. A survey helps you to manage asbestos in your workplace, or decide whether any remedial action is required.


Asbestos testing is carried out by taking a sample of a material and having an accredited laboratory test it for asbestos. This guarantees that we can provide concrete evidence that asbestos is or is not present. An experienced surveyor may be able to assume some materials are asbestos with a reasonable level of accuracy however, only testing can provide 100% certainty and peace of mind.


Following testing and inspections a record of information can be created detailing the presence and location of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Depending on the type of survey, the report will help you to understand whether materials contain asbestos, how much material is present, what condition that material is in and what risk it presents.

Get in Touch

Call us here at Asbestos Risk Management now for free advice about the assessment of possible Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in your house, residential or commercial property.

Get in Touch

Call us here at Asbestos Risk Management now for free advice about the assessment of possible Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in your house, residential or commercial property.